Monthly Archives: March 2015

Share With Me

I was talking to a friend today, who asked a question that immediately brought a smile to my face.  It didn’t take me long to answer, and as usual I’m sure I gave them more than they bargained for.  But the question might just be one that I tuck away in my back pocket, to bring up in conversation among friends and future clients, during those times of quiet intimacy or self-reflective solitude.

What do you dream of?

Encouraging people to live their truth, to be proud of it and own it, on good days and bad days. 

To give love to everyone I meet.

To not waste a single moment I have left.

To give all of myself that I possibly can so that people know how much they are loved, not just by me but by their Creator

These are the first things that come to mind–the most important ones, the ones that I consider to be the reason why I’m here.  That’s the purpose of my life, that’s why I’m here, that’s the best way I know how to put my gifts to use.  This is what I want to spend my life doing, what I want the sum of my days to represent.  Giving love to others, helping them discover and embrace their worth–I can dream of nothing more fulfilling.  But there are little things, small dreams that are just as near to my heart.

A cozy apartment overflowing with books and filled with music. 

The companionship of close friends, to share in life’s joys and sorrows.

A city where I get to see people living out life, fighting for their dreams, discovering and rediscovering what they hold to be most important. 

A work environment where I get to encourage and inspire.  

This, I feel, is the life that I have been primed for.  This is what I’m working towards, but it’s also what I try to do in some capacity every day.  To love, encourage, inspire.  To delight and to grieve, in season.  To always live my truth, on good days and bad, no matter what.  And when I am laid to rest, may I have done all these things to the glory of God.  So share with me, friends–what do you dream of?