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Sharp Contrast

Last night, I posted about how hard home is.  Today, I spent 8 hours in the car with my family.  Funny, how you end up on an impromptu road trip with people who have the capacity to drive you beyond crazy.  But that’s family, right? Thing is, today hasn’t been terrible.  Actually, it’s been pretty fantastic.  Lots of laughs, music, flawless logic, and general crazy.  

So what changed?  Nothing at all.  Same people, same personalities, same quirks, same dynamics.  Life just happens in strange ways, sometimes.  One day you feel like dying, the next you’re embracing the whole world.  I’ve been able to write today, and have officially gotten to the “formatting” stage of my manuscript.  All the content is there, but I’m going through and cleaning it up, putting the finishing touches on.  I’ve been able to read today, though not as much as I’d like.  (Something about waking up at 4:30 AM to be on the road by 5…) 

Here in Jamestown, NY, sitting in a hotel room, I’m proud to have the family I do.  I think sometimes you need to have a really shitty day mashed up against a wonderful one.  Doesn’t matter what order, but you need the bad slammed right up against the good.  You need the reminder of the joy that is to come, the fun that can be had,  You need the warning of this is not forever and you must choose who you will be, what you will allow.  We are most beautiful with our deepest scars.  


In High Relief,

The Scribbler