Monthly Archives: October 2013

Angel, My Love












Perfect love, you need no halo.

Your wings are mighty enough;

I’ll believe anything if you say so.


Angel love, I couldn’t want more

Than all you are, all of me, and all

That the future has in store.


Your words wrap around my soul.

In your arms I’m a little more

human, I’m a little more whole.


I can feel myself mending within;

As I show you my shattered pieces

You gently stitch me together again.


My corner, warm arms where I rest,

I feel your heartbeat whisper to mine

When my head is on your chest.


Treasured love, with hearts entwined,

You cover every scar, accepting

The story and journey that are mine.


I don’t quite know how or what to do,

But if somehow I’m able, I want

To offer the same freedoms to you.




For My Angel,

The Scribbler