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Weep, World. Weep.

In all honesty…I couldn’t refuse to reblog this. I just couldn’t.

The Scribbler


Oh Weep World! Weep for the dead

I weep for the hate, the blood spilled

Kenya, country of my ancestors

Country of my blood, my blood spills

Only seen in the black and white static

Numbers, over 60 dead and many injured

Weep, oh I weep for the blood spilled

The hate that causes the rat tat tat clatter

Of gunfire and children’s bodies strewn

Across the floor and pregnant women

Holding the promise of tomorrow die,

Gasping last breathes, choking

On the hate that the metal spews

I weep for the world, the world weeps

Red blood and real people distanced

By black ink on blank screens as WE

Comment hate and then more hate

Relentless floods that surpass the blood

Pouring from the bodies of the dead.

Why world!? Weep I say Weep!

Enmity has poisoned us all, we are lost

We can’t see that when we kill…

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