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A Life-Sized Canvas

In a somewhat similar vein as the last post, I wanted to share something that I wrote.  It could have been in fall semester or sometime in high school–I have few memories of each–but I find these words to give voice to the struggle of not being held down by the pain and the past, while keeping in mind that security of the future is promised to no one.  


“Contradictions for a Canvas”


I’ve got love on my arm,

But hate in my heart.

I’m building a city,

But falling apart.


I’m bound like a slave,

But I’m flying free!

And I know you’re wondering:

How can this be?


Oh I’m a sinner–

But yet I’m a saint!

There’s more of my story,

Canvas still left to paint.



Painting Beauty Among Scars,

The Scribbler