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In Medio Gloria: Part Three

First, I must apologize.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday did not see their daily blog posts as packing, driving, and resting took up most of my time.  If I don’t post, it’s usually because of extreme circumstances or utter exhaustion, but I still would like to apologize.  Thank you for being gracious enough to know that life gets hectic.  The good news is that everything works out in its own time.  Leaves fall and grow and fall again.  Snow falls and melts; rain comes and then the sun shines.  After 6 and a half long weeks of hard work, tests, quizzes, late nights, and early mornings, a reprieve has come.  Mid-terms are in, and school is out.  The 10 day break will be absolutely wonderful.  In just under a week, Easter will arrive as a final exclamation point on this Lenten Season.  Further concluding thoughts will come soon, but I wanted to say that it has been wild.  Now, let us turn, for a final time, to glory.


In the Midst of Glory: Part Three: Gloriae Praeteritum, Praesenti et Futuro; Of Glory Past, Present, and Future

From the time we’re children, we start learning about time.  Most influential in this is grammar; learning past, present, and future tense verb forms is part of every elementary school curriculum.  Similarly, glory exists in the past, the present, and the future.  However, glory is eternal.  It’s transcendent.  It exists both inside and outside of time, working in the past, the present, and the future.  Glory is primarily a powerful force that is hard at work transforming all of both humanity and nature alike.

There once was a garden.  It was beautiful, and it was good.  There were a man and a woman, and they were very good.  They lived in the midst of Glory—the three walked together, talked together, and shared life.  Although good, the garden wasn’t perfect.  There was room for deceit to sneak in and twist words, and that’s when it all fell apart.  The man and the woman’s world fractured, and nearly broke in two. 

Though they could no longer stay in the garden and share their lives with Glory, they had the promise that one day all would be restored.  The evil, toil, and separation would not last forever.  The man and woman clung to this, but it would be nearly forty generations of swinging between rebellion and righteousness before that hope and promise was fulfilled as hope and love came down from heaven.  Glory walked the face of the earth once more, although it had changed since the garden.  With more people came more evil, and more time allowed more corruption.  Glory hadn’t forsaken the world; it had prepared itself and the world for this very moment.

Glory touched lives.  Glory healed and taught.  Glory set free and set apart.  But Glory didn’t come gloriously, but came in humility and endured countless horrors.  Glory was rejected.  Glory was beaten, bruised, and battered.  Gloried wept, Glory bled, and Glory died.  Followers of Glory were dejected and despairing.  If Glory had died, where were they to put their hope?  What were they to do, after forsaking all they had known and accepted to follow this path that had led them seemingly nowhere?  What they didn’t know was that Glory is stronger than death.  Glory is more powerful than any and every form of evil and darkness.  Glory is the true Light, and in its presence all shadows flee but cannot hide. 

The last three paragraphs are merely a summary of millennia of history, and Glory has worked in all of them.  Where we are presently is actually a time that began at the start of Glory’s ascension.  Though leaving us in bodily form, Glory came to us in Spirit, and we still have the Spirit today.  Present Glory is not only in the Spirit but also in the world around us.  A gorgeous sunrise takes your breath away.  A gentle snowfall stills your soul.  A lovely melody tickles your ear.  A kind word and a hearty laugh lift your heart.  A hand to hold through life, a shoulder to cry on in strife—we live in the midst of Glory. 

Glory has reached us all, in some capacity or another.  We may never recognize it and how it moves, but what if we did?  Can you imagine if that awe-striking landscape, incredible melody, encouraging word and hearty laugh were all glimpses of Glory?  You don’t have to, because it’s true.  Further still, what is done for Glory reveals Glory in ways that man can’t always, or sometimes ever, understand.  Glory is working in the innermost parts—in the heart and soul—of humanity.  It seems dark and hopeless and futile, but Glory sees more than we do. 

One day, we will see as Glory does.  The garden and the man and woman were good, even very good, but not perfect.  Glory came to earth, and lived and breathed and moved, and was perfect, but all was not right.  There will be a day when all will be right, when evil and darkness will be no more.  The true Light of Glory will shine forever, and those who believe will dwell in the full presence of majesty.  Glory will be everywhere—tangible, terrific, and timeless.  Our hearts and souls will be at peaceful rest, and we will sing and dance with Glory.

Up until now, I have spoken of Glory as a power, a force.  Glory is more than that, however.  Glory is an action to which we are called.  We are to glory in that which is Good and True and Beautiful.  We are to glory in that breath-taking sunrise, that soft-falling snow, that lovely melody, kind word, and hearty laugh.  However, we must take note and glory in these things as they honor Glory.  That is to say, we are not to forget the true Light of Glory while we rejoice in that which points to the Light.  We must glory in what points to Glory as an act of rejoicing in Glory. 

To glory is crucial in this dark world.  Rather than deceive with false hope, our act of rejoicing in the Glory that is, was, and is to come acts like a mirror.  Sometimes there are smudges and spots, but the reflection is clear enough: there is a force in us that is far greater than whatever this world can threaten against us.  Our rejoicing brings hope of something more, something better, than darkness or just mediocre salvation.  Glory brings the chance to planted, rooted, and grown by the River of Life.  Our leaves reach out and stretch and caress Love, our roots expand and hold fast and embrace Hope, and our branches dance and sway and jump in Faith, all for Glory.

Though we wait, let us rejoice in the hope of Glory.  He has come, and He will come again.  He has made us and is making us and will make us new.  He is holding all things together—every man, woman and child, all of nature and its forces, are held together in Him.  Let us live in the midst of Glory and all His work, embracing all that He has offered with undying gratitude.  Our Glory is forever. 


Gloriosum Semper, Eternally Glorious,

The Scribbler