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A Mirror Video

The spoken word is powerful.  There have been plenty of great orators throughout time–some gentle and soothing, others intense and blazing.  In this day and age, the beauty of speech has dissolved into internet lingo and lazy abbreviations.  There are a few, however, who have resurrected the art and made much of it.

I believe Levi the Poet is one of the few.  I have heard only one of his videos all the way through, but that’s enough for me.  To reach so deep into the well of the soul can be dangerous, yet he sheds light on the shadows and corners of life, the places where we often sweep away our fear and guilt and other unsettling memories.  

I find myself relating more and more to this piece every time I listen to it.  It’s eloquent yet rough, beautiful and still haunting.  This is the power of words, perhaps at its best.  I find in it a mirror of sorts, showing the truth of my current state.  Perhaps it entails elements of what my future might be as well, if my habits persist.


“Kaleidoscope”, by Levi the Poet


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